Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Dear Ministry of Defence,
This is a request to the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) more sypecificall.
I wish to get access to any document pertaining to FFI project 1368, "Cyber and Information Operations in a new Cybersecurity Environment". If it helps, the project was publicly announced here:

Yours faithfully,

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Ministry of Defence

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Dear Sir,

I refer to your Freedom of Information-request dated Febr 8, 2017, in
which access to documents pertaining to P1368 is requested.

Access to the project agreement, outlining the foundation for our
research, is hereby granted.


Kind regards,

Henning Andre Søgaard

Research Manager, Strategic Communications and Cyber Defense in a Hybrid
Security Environment

Office phone: (+47) 63 80 70 78

Mobile phone: (+47) 470 27 858


Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

P.O. Box 25, NO-2027 Kjeller, Norway




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Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Dear Henning Andre Søgaard,

Thank you. For information, I have filed a followup request here:

Yours faithfully,

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

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This is a note for myself, or any other researcher who might come across this response. It includes interesting references to (at least) the following NATO or multilateral programmes:
- SAS-117 (Canada, UK, NL, Stratcom Riga);
- SAS-104 (Canada, Sweden, US, UK, DK);
- ANNCP-28 (Norway, UK, NL);
- SAS-IST-102;
- HFM-201;
- SAS 074